Itasca Progressive Caucus

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

We advocate for Human Rights, Democratic Processes, Economic Justice,

Peaceful Resolutions to Conflicts, and Environmental Preservation & Protections. 

We meet on the third Tuesday  of each month, 6 pm to socialize, and 6:30 for business, 

in the Itasca County DFL Resource Center located at 809 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids, MN


We believe in open political discourse, so we don’t always agree with each other. That’s the point. We believe what Thomas Jefferson said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

We Publish

Common Sense II

We produce a monthly newsletter named Common Sense II, after Thomas Paine’s letters during the Revolutionary War. It features discussions of the important topics of our time. The newsletter is distributed mainly by email and has national distribution.  Subscription is free.  Editor is Val Conner.

An American Manifesto

The Rights Project Committee is a sub-group of our Committee Against Corporate Power and wrote "An American Manifesto" accompanied with a recommended reading list.  They also produced a power point presentation and video based on the document.

DFL Resolutions

Mission Accomplished: Itasca Progressive Caucus prepared  pertinent resolutions for DFLers to promote at their Precinct Caucuses  held February 25, 2020.  We also posted relevant background links for each resolution.  Several were adopted into the 2020 MN State Platform.

We Advocate

Itasca - Healthcare For All MN

We believe that that all citizens should have a right to complete healthcare, including dental, eye, and hearing care.  We support the Minnesota Health Plan as proposed by Senator John Marty, and the  local chapter of HCAMN

Meetings are to be announced.

Earth Circle

We promote activism in this local nonpartisan environmental organization that seeks to inspire action for positive change. 

Meetings are on the third Saturday of each month, 2 pm,  held at the Grand Rapids Public Library [tba covid19]  Liaison is Vicki Andrews.

Itasca Working Family Alliance

We support activism in this local nonpartisan organization as we combat wealthy inequality in our country.  IWFA promotes solidarity among members and aims to improve the lives of working families. [mtgs on hold/covid 19]

Meetings are on the first Monday of each month, 6:30 pm, held at the Dutchroom, 702 NW 4th Street Grand Rapids.  Liaison is Dave Alban.nt

Circles of Support

We promote this "life empowering resource for the poor" that helps strengthen our communities amid wealth inequality in our country.

 Special opportunities are regularly held plus weekly support meetings on Thursday nights.  Location is 811 NE 4th St. Grand Rapids. 

Move to Amend MN

We endorse this organization that works to limit corporate power and amend the US Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns.

Haven - a place for all

We endorse the  LGBTQ support network, and educational outreach provided by this local  organization.  Check out the website of  HAVEN.

Human Rights Commission

We support the work of City of Grand Rapids' Human Rights Commission.  They meet on the last Wednesday, 4 pm at the City Hall.  Liaison is John Schirber​​​​​​