Focus Issues

Wealth Inequality

Itasca Progressive Caucus supports, and promotes activism in Itasca Working Families Alliance and Circles of Support. Both local organizations are nonpartisan and complement the DFL action agenda on labor and employment:

Oppose “Right to work” legislation and or any amendments to the Minnesota constitution, which are unnecessary, unsafe and unfair.
 Supports a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour and include annual cost of living adjustments.
 Support legislation to guarantee that all working Minnesotans have access to earned sick and safe time benefits that are fully paid and enforceable.
 Oppose all attempts by the Minnesota legislature to eliminate or reduce prevailing wage rates in the state of Minnesota.
 Support public service workers right to join a union.

Itasca Working Families Alliance meets on the second Monday of each month, 6:30 pm at the Dutch Room in Grand Rapids. Vicki Andrews is the liaison.

Circles of Supports has an office next to the DFL Headquarters and meets every Thursday from 6 pm – 8 pm. Barb Anderson is the liaison.

Health Care

Itasca Progressive Caucus supports the development of a local chapter of Health Care For Minnesota. HCAM is a nonpartisan organization. Barb Anderson is IPC’s liaison to HCAM – Grand Rapids.

We believe that all citizens should have a right to complete health care, including dental, and eye and hearing care. It should not depend on a job, the amount of money you have or your position in a community. This is known as universal, Single Payer Health Care.

We aim to educate ourselves and others to understand the problems and hurdles we face in making this a reality. Then to find the understanding within the community of Minnesota to work for and back legislation already written for Single Payer Health Care. Read and share the Minnesota Health Plan.

Monthly Meetings To Be Announced at the DFL Headquarters.


Itasca Progressive Caucus supports, and promotes activism in Earth Circle (a nonpartisan local environmental organization) and endorses their mission to inspire action for positive change. Vicki Andrews is IPC’s liaison to Earth Circle.

We work to raise awareness of local issues that correspond with the DFL Ongoing Platform (under Agriculture, Consumer Issues, Energy, Natural Resources, Transportation) and subsequently gain support for the DFL party as a conduit for environmental sustainability.

Earth Circle meets at 2 pm on the third Saturday of each month at Grand Rapids Public Library.

Big Money Corrupting Politics

Corporate Power

The Committee Against Corporate Power has the primary goal of educating our fellow citizens, and do what is necessary, by means of legally exercising Our Constitutional Rights, to eliminate the corporation’s status of “personhood.”

Monthly Meetings To Be Announced at the DFL Headquarters.