Health Care For ALL Minnesota!

Itasca Progressive Caucus supports establishing a local chapter of Health Care For ALL Minnesota. The first organizational meeting is Tuesday, May 8, from 6 pm – 8 pm. at Grand Rapids Library. There will be guest speakers: a nurse who is a leader in the nurses organization, and the head of Co-Act, Don Pylkkanen. Barb Anderson is the leader and our liaison.

Progressives At Itasca County Fair

From August 16th through the 20th, volunteer progressives tended to their booth at Itasca County Fair. The booth is next to Itasca County DFL’s booth. In this photo, Chair Val Conner is visiting with former MN 5A Rep. John Persell.

Notice the new banner in the background; it portrays IPC’s emphasis on healthcare, global warming, and infrastructure.

The August issue of Common Sense II is annually generated to distribute to fairgoers. It explains who Itasca Progressive Caucus is, and posits what progressive are.

Common Sense II Spending Priorities

Common Sense II Spending Priorities Issue July 2017

Page 1
Rationing Healthcare by Barb Anderson
Page 2
A Lesson From Cuba by Jack Pick
Calendar of Events
Page 3
A Budget Farce by Bob Passi
Koch Dreams; Our Nightmare by Val Conner
Page 4
Sheep or Goats by Rev. David Bolstorff
Itasca County Fair sign-up
Page 5
Democracy Conference in Mpls – Info
We Are All Conservatives Now by Val Conner

Infrastructure Issue of Common Sense II

Enjoy reading the latest issue of Common Sense II on Infrastructure

Page 1
Healthcare for America by Bob Passi
Calendar of Events
Page 2
Healthcare Fear Words by Barb Anderson
Progressive Caucus Book Nook:
A Triple Whammy of Dystopian Fiction by Vicki Andrews
Page 3
But It’s Hard! by Valerie Conner
Page 4
Now Is Our Time To Stand Up For The Earth by Vicki Andrews
Page 5
Announcement of From the Ashes directed by Michael Bonfiglio
Page 6
Announcement of “The Benefits of Renewable Energy” by J. Drake Hamilton

January Common Sense II: Organizing Issue

Read it Here: 2017 01 Common Sense

Page 1
The Period by Charles Dickens
The Tale of Two Americas: Indivisible by Valerie Conner
Page 2
The Republicans Are After Us by Nancy Rudd
2017 Itasca Progressive Caucus Dues Are Due
Page 3
Healthcare and Our Legislature by Barb Anderson
Donald Trump’s Military Budget by Nancy Rudd
Page 4
Climate Change in This New Political Era by Dr. Patrick West
Page 5
Common Ground by Bob Passi
Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barb Anderson
Page 6
Youth, Politics, and Responsibility by Barb Anderson
Reconsidering the Electoral College by Valerie Conner
Calendar of Events

Petition to add Free Speech TV to the basic channel lineup of Paul Bunyan TV




A petition via has been posted and ready for everyone to sign (July 18). Please help get the petition distributed. Help is especially needed for areas beyond Itasca County where Paul Bunyan Communications is available. Paul Bunyan Communications will be making their decision on channel changes this fall.

This is what the petition says:
Dear PBTV President Kathy Peterson and Board of Directors:

Please add Free Speech TV to the basic channel lineup of Paul Bunyan TV. It is important that our friends and neighbors have easy access to pertinent news on a network not owned by billionaires, governments, and corporations. FSTV amplifies underrepresented voices and publicizes the work of people on the front lines of social, economic and environmental justice. An informed citizenry needs what FSTV offers. Our Cooperative “operates in the highest tradition of the cooperative philosophy” and FSTV will provide the quality and innovation that PBTV aims for.

FSTV is a national, independent news network committed to advancing progressive social change. As a nonprofit free from corporate control and government pressure, the network is uniquely positioned to present perspectives that often don’t break through the corporate media filter. FSTV believes a more just and democratic world is possible when people are empowered with the information they need to stand up for what matters.

Please respond positively to this request and add Free Speech TV to the basic channel lineup. Thank you for your consideration.