Earth Circle Presents: A Climate Solution We Can All Live With

Eric Enberg, M.D., a Duluth physician and climate advocate will meet with Earth Circle on Saturday, February 18, to share information about the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization that is promoting a national policy to address climate change. The proposed climate solution is appealing to many in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been working to build support for a national revenue neutral fee and dividend system that would place a predictable, steadily rising price on carbon with all fees collected returned to households as a monthly energy dividend. Many economists worldwide support this type of system and agree it is the fastest, cheapest, fairest, and most effective first step to reducing climate change.

CCL has helped to establish the House Climate Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan group exploring policy options that address the impact, causes and challenges of our changing climate. They are committed to building the political will for the climate solutions so urgently needed.

Dr. Enberg will be in Grand Rapids on Saturday, 2/18/17 to meet with Earth Circle members at the Grand Rapids Library. There will be a short business meeting at 2, followed by Dr. Enberg’s presentation at 2:30. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. For further information visit or call Vicki Andrews at 259-4254.

We Support Opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

On August 15, 2016, at the regular monthly meeting, the group agreed to learn more about the Standing Rock community that is protecting their waters from a potentially hazardous oil pipeline, and to support them.

The oil pipeline is named Dakota Access and this is the description from the corporate website of Energy Transfer []:

The Dakota Access Pipeline Project is a new approximate 1,172-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will connect the rapidly expanding Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The pipeline will enable domestically produced light sweet crude oil from North Dakota to reach major refining markets in a more direct, cost-effective, safer and environmentally responsible manner. The pipeline will also reduce the current use of rail and truck transportation to move Bakken crude oil to major U.S. markets to support domestic demand.

It will transport approximately 470,000 barrels per day with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels per day or more – which could represent approximately half of Bakken current daily crude oil production. Shippers will be able to access multiple markets, including Midwest and East Coast markets as well as the Gulf Coast via the Nederland, Texas crude oil terminal facility of Sunoco Logistics Partners.

The Standing Rock Indian Reservation is up-to-date at Wikipedia including maps, governance, protest summary, and web links: The home page of the community has a clear, easy procedure for giving donations to their cause. The website of Stand Rock has current news, sample letters and contacts to relevant agencies and legislators.



Live Event at Grand Rapids Public Library Sponsored by Earth Circle: A Solo Kayak Voyage Down the Mississppi

Earth Circle Presents Paddle On!
A Voyage Down the Mississippi River
Alyssum Pohl’s presentation on
Tuesday, 8/9/16, at 7 p.m.
in the Community Meeting Room at
the Grand Rapids Library.

A visitor to the Grand Rapids area has a story to tell about her recent kayak trip down the Mississippi River. Alyssum Pohl paddled solo from Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi, to the Gulf of Mexico, documenting plastic waste and water quality along the way.

Prior to her latest adventure, Pohl worked for several years for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where she studied the changes in the ocean due to climate change and plastic pollution.

* Learn more about plastic waste in our oceans and waterways and the difference you can make;
* Hear her seven top take-away lessons,
* Enjoy the sights she saw and laugh along with her stories of adventure, trials and tribulations.

This is an inspiring story of fortitude and pluck that you won’t want to miss!

Earth Circle will sponsor Pohl’s presentation on Tuesday, 8/9/16, at 7 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room at the Grand Rapids Library. This event is free and open to all.

A free will donation will be taken to support Pohl’s further research.

Update: Marcell Climate Change Tour July 19 @ 10 am

UPDATE: Twelve people attended the tour: Val and her family, Karen & granddaughter, Tom, Bill, Jeanne, Linda, Barb, and Vicki. Scientist Paul Hanson from Oak Ridge National Laboratory of USA Department of Energy, gave an outside tour, and an office tour. We received this handout: SPRUCE handout







Tour of Climate Change Study in Marcell Experimental Forest
Tuesday July 19, 2016 beginning at 10 am

Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Climate and Environmental Change Experiment

WHAT: An unprecedented global warming experiment in northern Minnesota located within the Marcell Experimental Forest that measures how peat land ecosystems respond to changing temperatures.

WHERE: Google map “One Spring Lake Road, Bovey, MN” which is 2.8 miles from the Marcell Research Center. It will take 40 minutes to drive from the DFL Headquarters where carpooling begins (leaving at 9 am).

WHO: Researcher Paul Hanson with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory will guide the 1 – 1.5 hour tour of a group limited to twenty (20).


RSVP TO OR 245-2057
Group limited to 20

Download flier: SPRUCE tour

BREAK FREE from Fossil Fuel Event

5 Free Bus Tickets left for BREAK FREE from Fossil Fuel. Sunday, 5/15 Rally – March – Kayactivism- Whiting Refinery on Lake Michigan on Chicago
Save Mother Earth and $110 too!
Break Free

First of all, thank you for your endorsement and efforts to support Break Free Midwest! Community members in Whiting who are leading the action planning are doing amazing work have been continuously expressing their gratitude for the regional support. Mobilizations like this publicly highlight the fabric of the powerful movement we are building together. Thank you.

Wanted to send some updates!

1) Due very generous support from the Lush, we would like to offer up to 5 free bus tickets to each of the partnering organizations! Please let me know if you are interested, and I will get you a code!

2) What you can still help out with this week!
• Recruit to the action!
o Whiting, Indiana (outside of Chicago):
• Amplify on social media!
o Check out all the content here:
o Also, check out regular updates here:
• Turn out your staff and volunteers to the closest action.
o Our action still looking for on the ground volunteers to help on the day of. Reach out to individual action organizers to find out when the next volunteer training is for your region.
• Build the Buzzzzzzz
o Let all the coalitions and lists that you’re a part know how you’re a part of Break Free.
o Share content with them and invite them to be involved.
3) Did you know there is a Digital Witness platform for those who can’t make it to the action? On this site you can sign up to live stream any of the Break Free actions and get easy tools for sharing over the worldwide web.

4) Check out the pics below sent from the 350 team. This is a global effort and the efforts so far are courageous and necessary to keep us pointed in the direction of a livable planet.

Such deep gratitude for your partnership. Let me know if you have any questions!

All the best,