Healthcare – Common Sense II October Issue

Welcome to October’s Common Sense issue on Healthcare.
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Page one
Healthcare and Climate Change: An Alarming Connection by Vicki Andrews
Page two
Healthcare For People, Not For Profit by Barb Anderson
Page three
At the Pearly Gates by David Bolstorff
Page four
Health Care in America and PTSD by Bob Passi
What is Important! by Barb Anderson
Page five
Progressive Caucus Book Nook: The Plan Defended review by Valerie Conner
Scary Realities by Valerie Conner

Unity – Common Sense II September Issue

Here is our monthly newsletter. Thanks to Val for getting it out in such a timely manner, and thanks to the voices of our authors. Read it and share it.

Unity Issue – September 2018
Page 1
Voting your Conscience in 2018 by Vicki Andrews
Malfunction by Valerie Conner
Page 2
Back to the Future by “Jonathan Swift”
Page 3
To Save Our Country, Vote!
by Nancy Rudd
Page 4
Party Unity by Bob Passi
Page 5
At the Party Gates by David Bolstorff
Page 6
Book Nook: A Reversal of Fortune by Valerie Conner
Calendar of Events

2018 09 Common Sense

IPC County Fair Survey

August 15 -19 2018
Itasca Progressive Caucus studies issues and makes recommendations to address them.
What are 1 or 2 issues that concern you most?

Itasca County Fair Survey Results (pdf)

The top concerns appear to be healthcare and education. But if the concerns are grouped into categories, the top concerns are healthcare and the environment.

88 slips of paper with 114 concerns:
Concern Number of responses
Healthcare 19
Education 11
Climate Change 7
Immigration 5
Political Leadership (Trump) 5
Environment 4
Mining vs Environment 4
Transportation 4
Voting Security 4
Abortion/Reproductive Rights 3
Discrimination / LGBQT / Seniors 3
Mental Illness/Care 3
Adult Disability Care 2
Crime Reform 2
Gun safety 2
Housing 2
Human Rights 2
Jobs 2
Medicare & Social Security 2
Peace 2
Renewable Energy 2
Substance Abuse 2
Taxes 2
Wealth Inequality 2
Women’s rights 2
Broadband 1
Economy 1
Family Farm 1
Family Values 1
Food Security 1
Invasive Species 1
Legalize Marijuana 1
Minimum Wage 1
Parental Choices 1
Pension Safety 1
Rank Choice Voting 1
Recreation Trails 1
Unionization 1
Welfare Reform 1
Wolf Protection 1
Young Activists 1

Concerns grouped into categories:
Category Concern #

HEALTH -total 32
HEALTH Healthcare 19
HEALTH Abortion/Reproductive Rights 3
HEALTH Mental Illness/Care 3
HEALTH Adult Disability Care 2
HEALTH Gun safety 2
HEALTH Substance Abuse 2
HEALTH Legalize Marijuana 1

ENVIRONMENT – total 20
ENVIRONMENT Climate Change 7
ENVIRONMENT Environment 4
ENVIRONMENT Mining vs Environment 4
ENVIRONMENT Renewable Energy 2
ENVIRONMENT Invasive Species 1
ENVIRONMENT Recreation Trails 1
ENVIRONMENT Wolf Protection 1 20

GLOBAL – total 14
GLOBAL Immigration 5
GLOBAL Discrimination / LGBQT / Seniors 3
GLOBAL Human Rights 2
GLOBAL Peace 2
GLOBAL Women’s rights 2

EDUCATION – total 12
EDUCATION Education 11
EDUCATION Young Activists 1

SOCIETY – total 10
SOCIETY Medicare & S. S. 2
SOCIETY Crime Reform 2
SOCIETY Housing 2
SOCIETY Family Values 1
SOCIETY Food Security 1
SOCIETY Parental Choices 1
SOCIETY Welfare Reform 1

GOVERNANCE -total 10
GOVERNANCE Political Leadership 5
GOVERNANCE Voting Security 4
GOVERNANCE Rank Choice Voting 1

WORK -total 8
WORK Jobs 2
WORK Wealth Inequality 2
WORK Family Farm 1
WORK Minimum Wage 1
WORK Pension Safety 1
WORK Unionization 1

INFRASTRUCTURE Transportation 4

ECONOMY -total 3
ECONOMY Economy 1

Immigration – Common Sense II July Issue

Common Sense II July 2018 Immigration Issue Volume 13 Issue 7

Page 1
America, What Have We Become? By Vicki Andrews
Page 2
Largest Crowd Ever – Believe Me! By Jack Pick
Page 3-4
Arresting Our Skid Toward Autocracy by Eric Grimsrud
Page 4
Join the Popular Resistance School! By Vicki Andrews
Page 5
Who Are the Victims Here? By Nancy Rudd
Page 6
Fighting For The Soul of Our Nation by Nancy Rudd
Page 7
Immigration by Bob Passi
Page 8
Immigration and Racism by Valerie Conner


More About Bob Passi Event on July 21

Saving Democracy: Author Presentation and Community Discussion

R.W. (Bob) Passi will be in Grand Rapids to discuss his new book, Saving Democracy, The 2016 Presidential Election: An American Watershed. The book presents his perspective on what is happening to our democracy and what can by done to remedy the situation. Passi says “Saving Democracy is based on a deep belief in democracy, a faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people and in their infinite creativity and resilience.”

He hopes this book will help to energize a unified grassroots citizen movement to demonstrate the overwhelming numbers of people who are no longer willing to function in an oligarchic system which defines life in economic terms and who want to return this country to a true democracy.

Passi has a background in education, program and personal development. He has done presentations in the public and private sectors throughout the Midwest as well as on the East and West coasts. He has spent a decade facilitating discussion groups in the Great Decisions program and is adept at identifying issues, clarifying them and finding workable solutions.

This event is co-sponsored by the Grand Rapids Area Earth Circle and the Itasca Progressive Caucus. The Earth Circle is a grassroots environmental organization whose mission is to educate, raise awareness and inspire action; the Itasca Progressive Caucus is part of a movement that believes in an interdependent world that respects and upholds human rights, democratic processes, economic justice, peaceful resolutions to conflicts and environmental preservation and protection.

The presentation and discussion will be held at the Grand Rapids Public Library on Saturday, 7/21, at 3 p.m. This event is free and open to all. Copies of Saving Democracy will be available for purchase. For further information visit or call Vicki Andrews at 259-4254.

Military, Democracy, & Peace Issue – Common Sense II

The May issue of Common Sense II is on the military, democracy, and peace. Here is the contents:
Military, Democracy, & Peace
Page 1
World War III – Climate Change by Vicki Andrews
Page 2
Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (The Iran Nuclear Deal) by Nancy Rudd
Page 3
Announcement: Update on Iraq with Sami Rasouli
Pledge Card: Line 3 Pledge of Resistance
Page 4
A Revolution of Values by David Alban
Page 5
Foreign Policy in the Age of Oligarchs by Bob Passi
Page 6
Democracy in Minnesota by Barb Anderson
Our Place in an Ugly World by Valerie Conner
Calendar of Events

Health Care For ALL Minnesota!

Itasca Progressive Caucus supports establishing a local chapter of Health Care For ALL Minnesota. The first organizational meeting is Tuesday, May 8, from 6 pm – 8 pm. at Grand Rapids Library. There will be guest speakers: a nurse who is a leader in the nurses organization, and the head of Co-Act, Don Pylkkanen. Barb Anderson is the leader and our liaison.

Environment Issue – Common Sense II

Environment Issue
Page 1
Climate Change in Minnesota by Vicki Andrews
Page 2
The Environment …Again by Bob Passi
What is it Worth, poem by Vicki Andrews
Page 3
The Most Depressing Aspect of Global Warming Today By Eric Grimsrud
Page 4
EPA and Environmental Justice by Patrick West
Importance of the Environment by Barb Anderson
Earth Day Announcement
Page 5
A Challenge for April—and Beyond by Earth Circle
Page 6
The Environment Defined by Valerie Conner
Calendar of Events